FileMaker – Database Development and Customization

Having built hundreds of FileMaker database development systems for business, we organize our development into three phases: Design, Development and Implementation. Our approach is to have the client involved in each phase of the process.

Simplified Software helps our client fine tune their FileMaker database application
Candido Tapia, System Admin at Watsonville Computers

Example -FileMaker database development system for business.

Example -FileMaker database development system for business.



You can’t build a house without a good plan. The foundation to any good design is a good understanding of your business. Like building a house we spend time to design the “architectural plan”. To do this we learn the dynamics of your work flows, we work with your staff to understand the ins and outs of each job, review the goals, fine the rough spots and identify bottlenecks. Then we determine the specific report management requires to ensure a successful outcome. And of course we always work within a budget that is right for you.


When it’s time to build your house, we have a good “set of plans”. During development we will meet with you on a regular basis and provide feedback; you will preview the current project and we will discuss its progress. As we get closer to completion you will receive a “beta” version of the software to gain an in-depth understanding of your new system.

Implementation – What to Expect

It’s time to walk into your new house; and each step of the way you have been watching the building go up. You have been an integral part of the process and now upon completion we will go into a testing and training phase to work with the software and get familiar with all the aspects of your new system.

Free Initial Consultation

Call today to learn more about how a system tailored to your work flow can reduce repetitive data entry, save time and give you more freedom.


For over 20 years we have been working with all the different iterations of FileMaker Pro and we have built hundreds of applications for business around the United States.


We give a purchase guarantee on all our products – “30 day guarantee or your money back”. We are so sure that this product will fit your business that we will give you an 30 day guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied that the product you purchase does not make your business run smoother, more efficient and more streamlined that you can return the product for a refund. Any training fees are not refundable, all product licensing fees will be completely refunded.

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