Produce Software – Produce Advantage

Produce Software – Produce Advantage is the best of Broker Advantage, Shipper Advantage and Distributor Advantage all rolled up into one. If your business model has a dynamic component that requires flexibility to be able to bring inventory into your warehouse, buy – sell, deal with growers and do different types of brokerage we have something that fits into your world. It was developed out of the requests from clients wanting a simple interface without the complexities and costs of a full shipper application.

You have the power to purchase either via a PO or just a quick buy – sell and the beauty is that it does business the way you do business, there is no need to change your business model to fit the software. Produce Software – Produce advantage comes with purchase order, sale order, inventory, grower accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, bank reconciliation and complete reporting.

Sales Order

One screen to enter all your data; select from your inventory, buy-sell, broker, add charges or expenses to an order and immediately see commodity and order profitability. Take product from inventory automatically (FIFO) or select the lot you want without leaving the order screen.

Inventory Control

Perpetual inventory control with FIFO or manual lotting capabilities.  Inventory is tracked by block number from PO through the completion of the sale.  At a glance you are able to verify estimates to be coming into the warehouse as well as sales out to into the future.


There is two levels of repackaging build into Produce Advantage.  The first allows for simple repackaging of an item, for example cleaning up product and giving it a new item code.  The second method allow for a process orientated approach, for example grading and repacking a product into small clam shells to fit into a new box.

Produce Traceability

Purchase, inventory and order processing modules all link to the traceability module to log the movement of product throughout the system.  There is a complete history at a quick glance or various reports can be run to find anything – anywhere.

Grower Accounting

Requested by clients, grower accounting is purchase order centric.  The grower statement is simple, concise and easy to read: orders at the top,  the P/O in the middle and the expenses at the bottom.

Full Integrated Accounting

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Commissions
  • Bank Reconciliation

Preloaded Data

  • Save as much as 100 hours of data entry.
  • Includes over 500 shippers & coolers
  • Includes over 1700 commodities with pallets, weights and tariff codes


  • We can customize to your exact requirements.

 Remote Capable and Web Host Capable


We give a purchase guarantee on all our products – “30 day guarantee or your money back”. We are so sure that this product will fit your business that we will give you an 30 day guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied that the product you purchase does not make your business run smoother, more efficient and more streamlined that you can return the product for a refund. Any training fees are not refundable, all product licensing fees will be completely refunded.

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